Russian Language Center of Open Education

Short-term / Long-term language courses / Preparatory department

Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University has a wealth of experience both in teaching foreigners and in carrying out activities aimed at promoting the Russian language abroad. Another step in popularizing the Russian language and culture of Russia was the training of foreigners in the Center of Open Education (COE), created on the basis of the Center for training and testing of foreign citizens.
The main purpose of training here is the adaptation of foreign nationals to the Russian socio-cultural conditions through cultural-educational and cultural-linguistic programs. 

The classes are taught by teachers of Russian as a foreign language, who use modern and effective methods of teaching.
The curriculum is focused on the Russian language, Russian culture and literature, and the traditions of the Russian people. 

The program of courses in Russian as a foreign language is designed for a duration of one week to nine months (from 30 to 750 academic hours). 
At the end of their studies, students have the opportunity to take a linguistic and pedagogical test of their Russian language proficiency. A certificate of the first level of Russian language proficiency (TRKI-I/B1) is required for admission to Russian universities. 

Courses are held in three areas: engineering and technology, humanities and natural sciences. After completing the courses, students can enroll in universities in Russia for further study in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.
Short-term language internships are also available at the COE. The internship program includes classes in Russian speech practice, Russian phonetics and grammar, as well as workshops on acquaintance with Russian folk culture.
The students of the BSPU Center for Open Education who have successfully passed the language proficiency test (TRKI-I/B1) will be able to continue their education in Russian universities.

List of Disciplines

  • Russian as a Foreign Language (A1, A2)

  • Russian as a Foreign Language (B1)

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Russian Culture and Applied Art

  • Professional language (Vocabulary and Grammar) for Arts and Humanities

  • Professional language (Vocabulary and Grammar) for Chemistry and Biology

  • Professional language (Vocabulary and Grammar) for Engineering

Students Taking Exams



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