English and Chinese

Area of study: Pedagogical Education (two disciplines). [44.03.05]

Qualification: Bachelor's Degree

Duration of study: 5 years

Type of study: full-time

Tuition fee: 137 800 ₽/ year

List of disciplines:

1. Latin language
2. Practical English course
3. Practical Chinese course
4. Introduction to linguistics
5. Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages
6. Theory and methodology of teaching English
7. Theory and methodology of teaching Chinese
8. Country Studies (English)
9. Country Studies (Chinese)
10. Lexicology of English language
11. Lexicology of Chinese language

12. Theoretical grammar of English language

13. Theoretical grammar of Chinese language
14. History of English language
15. History of Chinese language
16. Stylistics of English language
17. Stylistics of Chinese language
18. Foreign literature (English)
19. Foreign literature (Chinese)
20. Theory and practice of translation (English)
21. Theory and practice of translation (Chinese)
22. Speech practice (English)
23. Speech practice (Chinese)
24. English Phonetics
25. Chinese Phonetics