Frequently Asked Questions


  • Students from which countries can enter Russia to study?

Since June 14, 2022, there are no epidemiological restrictions for foreigners from any countries arriving in Russia by air and through sea checkpoints.

  • I want to return to Russia to continue my study. What should I do?

  1. Contact the International Affairs Office to initiate the invitation process (if necessary). 

  2. Get your student visa in the Russian Embassy or Consulate General.

  3. Plan your route and purchase plane tickets.

  4. No later than 10 days before arriving in Russia, notify International Affairs Office about the date of entry by email and wait for a response.


  • What kind of health certificates do I need to return to the dormitory?

International students returning to Russia must perform an X-Ray check at a local clinic before they are allowed to stay in the dormitory. Upon arrival, international students must purchase medical insurance for the full academic year (that can be done at International Affairs Office at the university)

  • Will dormitory residents be allowed to host visitors now?

In order to ensure the residents’ safety, the restrictive visiting policies will remain in effect in all dormitories until further notice.

  • How do you ensure safety measures in the dormitories?

There are UV air purifiers and hand-sanitizers installed in the dormitories. Entry is allowed only to the students of university staff having special NFC ID card. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact International Affairs Office

by phone +7 4162 99-16-12 or email