EFL Teaching and

Intercultural Communication

Area of study: Pedagogical Education (two disciplines). [44.04.01]

Qualification: Master's Degree

Duration of study: 2 years 4 months

Type of study: part-time

Tuition fee: 44 470 ₽/ year

List of disciplines:

1. Foreign language for business purposes
2. Methodological foundations of intercultural communication
3. Fundamentals of translation theory
4. Fundamentals of linguistics
5. The main directions of comparative research
6. Contrastive linguistics
7. Linguistics of the text
8. Composition and semantics of the text
9. Basic concepts of linguistics
10. Classification of languages of the world

The program offers a professional degree for teachers of English as a Foreign Language, EFL. The program is designed for English language teachers who wish to upskill and gain Master’s level qualification. It is aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of English language teaching and provide the skills and competences required for leadership roles in EFL.The program enables the participants to evaluate the relative utility and validity of diverse teaching methodologies and assessment procedures, adapt and develop materials for unique teaching situations, evaluate recent research in linguistics and its relevance to EFL teaching and learning.

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