Language Education

​List of Majors:

1. Contemporary Issues in Science and Education

2. Methodology and Methods of Scientific Research

3. Innovative Processes in Education

4. IT in Professional Sphere

5. Foreign language in Professional Communication

6. Contemporary Issues in Text Linguistics

7. Basics of Teacher's Psychology

8. Topical Issues of Technology and Methodology in Teaching RFL

9. Phrase Formation in Russian Language

10. Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Lexicography

11. Contemporary Russian Onomastics

12. Theory of Argumentation in Research Activity

13. Genres of Academic Speech

14. Cinematic Interpretation of Classical and Contemporary Literature

15. Contemporary Russian Literature

16. Eloquent Speaking

17. Theory of Translation

18. Contemporary Russian Language: 21st Century

19. Regulatory Support for Education

20. Elaboration of Methodological Support in Philology

21. Written Communication in Professional Sphere

Persons with higher education (Bachelor's or Specialist's degree) are admitted to the Master's program on a competitive basis.

Documents are accepted from May 10, 2021 to June 20, 2021.

Entrance examinations are held from June 21 to June 26,  2021.

Entrance tests for applicants are carried out in two stages:

Speaking part (interview)

Test in the Russian language (lexical and grammatical test corresponding to the 3nd certification level).