Russian Language and Intercultural Communication

1. Russian Literature and Culture

2. Speech Culture

3. General Linguistics

4. Culture Studies

5. Course of Business Russian

6. Intercultural Communication

7. History of Russian Literary Language

8. Linguistic and Country Studies

9. Russian Phonetics

10. Practical Course of Russian Language

11. Stylistics

12. Lexicology

13. Course of Russian for Tourism

14. Theory and Practice of Translation

15. Practical Russian Grammar in Use

16. Scientific Speech

17. Analytical Reading

18. Foreign Literature and Culture

19. Russian Language in Mass Media

20. Ethnolinguistics

Persons with secondary education are admitted to the bachelor's degree on a competitive basis.

Documents are accepted from May 10, 2021 to June 20, 2021.

Entrance examinations are held from June 21 to June 26,  2021.

Entrance tests for applicants are carried out in two stages:

  1. Speaking part (interview)

  2. Test in the Russian language (lexical and grammatical test corresponding to the 2nd certification level).

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